Monday, June 30, 2008


I've never been much for wagon wheel chandeliers, so when a good client of ours asked me if I would build him some for a ranch he was working on in MONTANA I couldn't turn him down, but I didn't want them to look like all the others on the market. I don't really care for just straight out cliches, but I do like to incorporate cliches into an overall design, (such as the star conchos on the rim of the wheels. Other than that I wanted the frame and the lanterns to be totally different than anyone had seen before. In this work in progress photo you can see the forged iron bar holding the different tiers together. The large round plates will hold tall hand blown glass cylinders topped by antiqued copper crowns, designed to seem like an old stacked barn roof. ( I will show these later.)
As I a designer I think that it's important to make things look pleasant from all angles. I hate houses that have their roofs puffed up in the front to make the structure look larger than it really is while the design in the back struggles to overcome the pompous front. I dislike architecture that leaves sidewalls blank except for a thousand square feet of rippling vinyl or a side entrance that looks like it belongs in a city alley. A lot of time and fore thought goes into a good design but it's always worth the trouble to create something just a little more extra ordinary. It's a little strange that we don't always know why we like or dislike something, often times it may be the smallest thing that turns our heads one way or the other and that in the end is what makes creating so exciting.
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Judy said...

Enlarging this photo is a must! The detail comes alive, plus we get a peek at your shop. If you wanted something different with wonderful results, you have succeeded!