Monday, July 28, 2008


Late in the afternoon on a perfect TETON day near OX BOW BEND we stumbled upon a sow and her two nearly grown cubs. What a treat it was to watch as they took their time grazing on the wild flowers and shrubs. More inspiration.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This is a great example of the burl floor lamps. It is topped with a large six sided lamp shade with hand cut wildlife designs. The bear design is an original the other designs are adapted from H.L. WILD designs from the beginning of the twentieth century. This fixture or a similar fixture is available from stock.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Sometime about a week ago I got one of those calls that I didn't expect but just love to get. A good friend and a client of mine from JACKSON HOLE, WYOMING called and said that she needed a fresh design for a ten foot by four foot high chandelier for a presentation the next day. I worked long into the evening and started the next morning at five, finishing with a half hour to spare. The design was three tier with an open center, light was to emminate from all angels and I enclosed a photo of the chandelier we made for CRATER LAKE as an example of how the light would shine.

She fell in love with the CRATER LAKE LIGHT and presented it all to her client along with some other pictures. Her customers liked the BUFFALO PROMENADE CHANDELIER and wanted to know if I could design something like that for them without the buffalo and make it six feet in diameter.

I went back to the drawing board with less than twenty four hours to make the presentation. I finished this time with a whole hour to spare and came up with a design that my client said stunned everyone. So here it is, the second two drawings are of the ten footer, the first drawing of the six footer that was chosen. We have always prided ourselves in going a little further than might seem necessary to accommodate our clients, it's part of what makes the job so enjoyable.

NOTE: THE CRATER LAKE CHANDELIER and THE BUFFALO PROMENADE can be seen in early posts on this blog.

copyright Steve Blood 2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We are kind of excited around here as our new web site is almost ready to debut. I will let you know when it's on line.
In the meantime I have been going through storage areas and pulling out lamps, shades and ceiling fixtures that are available for sale. Through the years as I have worked on larger projects I have made many fixtures that have never been on the market or advertised. I have some that date back as far as 1992 and carry the ROYCROFT mark. You see for a while I was licenced to use the mark as a ROYCROFT CRAFTSMAN. I left the group when I drifted away from doing craftsmen style work and concentrated more on the OLD WEST an RUSTIC. These are collectors items. Anyway there are approximately fifty fixtures that are finished or in the process of being finished that are available. The significance of this is that usually we don't retail as we mainly work with architects and interior designers. I will be posting more of these items on the blog as time goes on. In the mean time most of what you see here can be recreated for you.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This is a nice pine burl lamp with a hand cut wood shade. The color of the shade is a reddish maple backed with handmade bark paper for a warm look. The designs are original and I use them or similar ones on different shades. There are three designs repeated, a bear, a moose and a buffalo. The base has antiqued brass leaves circling the top of the plate. With a three way socket you can go from mood to a good reading lamp. For more information,
copyright Steve Blood 2002
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This lamp was designed for the new SNOW LODGE in YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK for the night stands in the guest rooms. The shade is made of hand cut blackened copper with mica backing. The base has an inlaid bear in the column. This lamp will never be mass produced even though there have been some inquiries throughout the years. There are a limited number of them available though and parties interested in a bit of park history should contact me at, There is another photo of this lamp on an older post.
copyright Steve Blood 1998

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Inspiration is found everywhere in our daily lives. I am astonished at the resources we have around us that give us opportunity. I'm not saying what kind of opportunity because it may vary from person to person and moment to moment. The wild turkeys plod through our yard from time to time with ease and a slightly nervous arrogance. We are always pleased to see them. Click on the picture to get the full impact.
copyright Mary Lynn Blood 2006