Monday, July 21, 2008


Sometime about a week ago I got one of those calls that I didn't expect but just love to get. A good friend and a client of mine from JACKSON HOLE, WYOMING called and said that she needed a fresh design for a ten foot by four foot high chandelier for a presentation the next day. I worked long into the evening and started the next morning at five, finishing with a half hour to spare. The design was three tier with an open center, light was to emminate from all angels and I enclosed a photo of the chandelier we made for CRATER LAKE as an example of how the light would shine.

She fell in love with the CRATER LAKE LIGHT and presented it all to her client along with some other pictures. Her customers liked the BUFFALO PROMENADE CHANDELIER and wanted to know if I could design something like that for them without the buffalo and make it six feet in diameter.

I went back to the drawing board with less than twenty four hours to make the presentation. I finished this time with a whole hour to spare and came up with a design that my client said stunned everyone. So here it is, the second two drawings are of the ten footer, the first drawing of the six footer that was chosen. We have always prided ourselves in going a little further than might seem necessary to accommodate our clients, it's part of what makes the job so enjoyable.

NOTE: THE CRATER LAKE CHANDELIER and THE BUFFALO PROMENADE can be seen in early posts on this blog.

copyright Steve Blood 2008


Judy said...

I want you on my team!

Ann said...

Somehow July and August just slipped away and I am finally checking up on your blog again. I love the lights. You really do work well under pressure. And you love what you are doing. How lucky can you get!