Tuesday, April 19, 2011


 This 200 year old empire chest has been renewed and reinvented.  While many of the veneer chips have been repaired, missing veneer been replaced.  Many of the chips were left alone as it is part of the history of the piece.  The top was cleaned; but years of use and marks remain visible.  A front foot had to be rebuilt, drawers had to be rebuilt and then the fun part began.  Two matching marquetry panels were inlaid on either side of the chest.  The pattern of the Indian is adapted from a 1795 painting by JLG Ferris.  An updated mirror framed was designed with a stained glass mirror.  The piece was finished with old fashioned shellac to give it the aged look that it deserves.  Forged drawer pulls were added to the top drawers with hammered copper back plates and finally quilted drawer liners were added.
                                                      The raw canvas, the beginning.