Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We are kind of excited around here as our new web site is almost ready to debut. I will let you know when it's on line.
In the meantime I have been going through storage areas and pulling out lamps, shades and ceiling fixtures that are available for sale. Through the years as I have worked on larger projects I have made many fixtures that have never been on the market or advertised. I have some that date back as far as 1992 and carry the ROYCROFT mark. You see for a while I was licenced to use the mark as a ROYCROFT CRAFTSMAN. I left the group when I drifted away from doing craftsmen style work and concentrated more on the OLD WEST an RUSTIC. These are collectors items. Anyway there are approximately fifty fixtures that are finished or in the process of being finished that are available. The significance of this is that usually we don't retail as we mainly work with architects and interior designers. I will be posting more of these items on the blog as time goes on. In the mean time most of what you see here can be recreated for you.

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