Thursday, June 12, 2008


In the late 1900s' I was asked by A&E ARCHITECTS of BILLINGS, MONTANA if I would design a chandelier for a new lodge they were designing for YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK called the SNOW LODGE. Our lighting to this point consisited of fret cut lamp shades and rustic bases. I had never designed a chandelier before nor had I worked in steel and there were no promises made.

While I was designing the chandelier I was also designing the room lamps for THOMPSON INTERIORS also of BILLINGS. Things gt real hectic real fast for my small studio.

The chandelier was designed, approved and a sample was ordered. The architect nick named it the "western pagoda," I called it, HOLDING IT ALL TOGETHER. Several of these chandeliers hang among the heavy beams of the lodge lobby.

Other fixtures created for this project follow below.

copyright 1998 by Steve Blood

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