Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This was one of those projects that evolved from kind of complicated to intense hair pulling. Originally I was asked to design some rather large two tiered light fixtures using brown kraft paper. My question to the interior people was," have you thought about using historical photos on the top portion?" He thought it was a great idea, talked with the customer and the answer came back as a positive ,"yes."

My wife Mary Lynn, who is very talented herself, spent hundreds of hours researching and editing photos, creating dramatic collages of early Montana. The frames had to be perfect to match up with the printed material. Thousands of holes had to be hand drilled along the edges of the photo strips and then the photos were hand laced with leather thong to the frames. The largest fixtures are six feet in diameter.

I think that the look turned out spectacular thanks to the hard work of Mary Lynn.
copyright Steve Blood 2002

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