Thursday, July 23, 2009


I have neglected this site for so long that I can't even believe it. Months ago I posted pictures of the start of a wagon wheel chandelier. I was determined that it wouldn't look like anything else on the market. Everything was custom made including the wagon wheels and the glass. When I ordered the wheels I had to convince the wheel wright that what I was ordering was what I wanted. There are three tiers of wheels and glass and everything had to be perfect in order for the fixture to go together. They weigh approximately 500 pounds and by the time they were crated we had barely an inch of space to load them into a semi trailer.
I should add that I made three of these and they all fit in one room. All parts were designed in the studio and fabricated at various places.
copyright 2006 STEVE BLOOD


Ann said...

What a beautiful and amazing piece. You have really fine tuned your craft, however, I think there are several "crafts" involved. One is your optimism that you can make an idea into a beautiful piece, another is finding all the right parts and putting the chandelier together perfectly and another is to have it fit in the trailer. Wonderful work! Where is the chandelier going?

Judy said...

I LOVE this chandelier! Yes, where does it hang?